Dear Friends,

We are nature photographers who enjoy showcasing the extraordinary beauty of the world around us, particularly Nature's smaller creatures.  You may have noticed, however, that bees and birds--two of our favorite subjects--tend to move rather swiftly.  The marvelous thing about a camera is that with the right combination of lens, light and speed, one can capture amazing moments and details that will likely never be seen by the eye alone. That is what we love to do.


Mark and Priscilla Whitbeck

DSC_0172 (2) 9-6-11-2, PS1, NRS, downsize
DSC_0338, PS 2, NRS, downsize

Mark and Priscilla Whitbeck have had their images displayed in the San Diego Natural History Museum, have been published in a series of children's educational nature books and have won numerous awards in local and international photography competitions.

*Please note that all of the images in this gallery are the property of Whitbeck Photography. They are not to be used in any manner without permission. If you are interested in using an image please contact us directly to discuss the terms of use.
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